Macarthur Strategic Waste Alliance

SWA WARR Strategy 2019-2021 Final reduced size3

The Macarthur Strategic Waste Alliance (MSWA) comprised representation from Camden Council, Campbelltown City Council and Wollondilly Shire Council was dissolved by resolution of each of the member Councils in August and September 2018 with a view to working towards a broader regional collaborative model. Consequently, at their respective meetings in August and September 2018, Campbelltown, Camden, and Wollondilly Councils resolved that a memorandum of understanding (MOU) be agreed upon to create the Macarthur Strategic Waste Alliance so that funding and programs from the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) would continue.

SWA WARR Strategy 2019-2021 Final reduced size3

C: Caroline Locke

P: 02 4645 4750

M: 0417 274 408

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